Stéphane Giraud, FIDIC expert

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Fidic President’s list of adjudicators

It is a pleasure to inform you that I’ve just been listed on the FIDIC President’s List of Dispute Adjudicators, as DAB / DAAB (Dispute Avoidance / Adjudication Board).

A DAB / DAAB is a panel of independant and impartial experts. It is normally set up before construction begins. The DAB / DAAB shall be familiar with the Works and with the Parties, with regular visits. The DAB / DAAB is requested, as FIDIC Dispute Boards to resolve the Dispute(s) under quasi-arbitration procedures but within ‘fast-track justice’ of 84 days. Pratically, if an impasse between the Parties and with the Engineer occurs after a step of Determinations from ‘the Engineer’ (SC 3.5 (1999) or SC 3.7 (2017)) and, one of the Parties (or both) object, then the DAB / DAAB enter into play. It shall try to advise with an “amicable” resolution of the Dispute. If not achieved, the DAB / DAAB shall eventually issue binding Decisions under strict procedures (SC 20.4 (1999) or SC 21.4 (2017)). These Decisions are not final because the last resort of the Parties remains an international arbitration under ICC rules (SC 20.6 (1999) or SC 21.6 (2017)).

The FIDIC President’s list is made up of FIDIC experts who have passed a rigorous 3-day (and 2-nights !) exam consisting of written and oral tests. Today, it is made up of 57 Members (66 years’old aver.) and 15 nationalities (54% from UK). I am the 1st french (native speaker) and the youngest fellow. Access to the FIDIC President’s list.

As a consulting engineer on international construction projects for over 20 years at #Egis (member of Syntec Ingénierie (France), affiliate member of FIDIC), it is an honor and a great responsibility to be included in this list and to be able to apply the fundamental principles of FIDIC Dispute Boards in the world.

I finally invite all those who wish to progress in the practice of DAB / DAAB procedures to the new FIDIC Module 3 Online training at FIDIC MODULE 3 ONLINE TRAINING . I have the pleasure to deliver this training with # Jim Perry PS Consulting, Fidic President’s list of Adjudicators.

‘FIDIC never leaves you alone’ Axel V. Jaeger (2012).